Games for babies aged 0 to 3 months

At this age games are aimed at stimulating their senses, helping them discover the world around them and showing them that mummy and daddy love them like crazy. You can invent infinite numbers of games to make your child laugh. We can suggest a few. Remember that baby's attention span at this age is just a few seconds, so you will have to change the game several times.

Sonajero blandito y con sonido de color rosa


What do you need? A colourful rattle that captures baby’s attention like Claki KicoNico.

Lie your baby face up and hold the rattle about 25 cm in front of their face. Move it slowly from one side to the other while making it rattle so the little one follows the movement with their eyes. Don’t forget to talk to them while you play together. They love to hear your voice!

Muñeco de tela para bebés


What do you need? KicoNico or Dou Dou KicoNico or another very soft toy.

Very slowly run the doll over their skin so they feel the softness of its touch. Although the most sensitive areas are the tummy and back, you can do it anywhere so they start to sense what a particular texture feels like on different parts of the body.

Móvil musical de cuna


What do you need? A cot mobile with little hanging figures such as Gira-gira.

Lie the little one on their back in their cot or on a mat. Place the mobile around 40 or 50 cm from their face. Spin the little figures on the mobile around and baby will move their hands and feet while watching with their eyes. Their full attention is centred on the synchronised movement between hands-feet-eyes.

Manta de juegos acolchada para bebés
Sonajero con cascabel


What do you need? A mat like Play&Comfort Mat Bbfitness and a colourful doll or rattle.

Lie baby down on a mat on their tummy and place the doll or the rattle a few centimetres away from them so they can’t reach it but they can get to it. Rattle it in front of them, saying: “Look what I have. Do you want it?” and put it back in the same place. Notice how they lift their head and hold it up for a few seconds, looking at the toy. Once baby is able to hold their head up for longer, they’ll try to reach for it.

Don’t worry if they don’t manage to do this or even if they don’t reach out for the toy, it’s normal at this age. But if you play the game more times they will eventually get the hang of it around 4 or 5 months. When they do, celebrate your baby’s achievement. They will love feeling that their progress makes you happy. Doing tummy time several times a day for short periods of time will strengthen the muscles in their head and back, and each day they will feel better in this position.

Guante de juegos para bebé con mordedor


What do you need? A glove puppet with characters and contrasting colours like Mano-marionet.

Put the glove on your hand and tell baby how much you love them and how happy you are that they’re here. Baby will understand your intention, so your voice, tone and loving facial expression are all very important. Close your hand and slowly make each of the dolls on the fingers of the glove appear. You can touch baby’s hands, arms, rub their cheek… they will love it and be in heaven.

Libro para la bañera


What do you need? A book featuring large everyday objects in contrasting colours like GLU-GLU OCEAN BOOK .

Choose a book with large everyday objects in contrasting colours and softly tell baby what each object is: “Look at the lovely doggy, it’s like grandma and grandpa’s” or “Look at this rattle. You’ve got ones like that”. Your baby will love hearing your soft voice just for them. Your voice relaxes them, gives them confidence and makes them feel happy, which will strengthen your emotional bond and attachment.