Two weeks prior

Choose the date and the location.

We all know there’s no skating in the house! So this party should be held in the garden (if you have one, obviously) or in the park. Mid-afternoon would be a good time for everyone.

Make the guest list and send the invitations.

Let guests know well in advance, as parents with children always have an unending list of things to do each day. Print, personalise and send the invitations, to match the rest of the printables (download).


Piñatas are essential at little kids’ birthdays, so we suggest making one out of cardboard. In this tutorial you’ll see how to make one in a bee shape, but you can make it in any shape you want.

One or two days prior

What to serve?

Decide what you’re going to serve guests to snack on so they don’t run out of energy for skating. We suggest making a skate park cake (watch tutorial) that the birthday boy or girl will be excited to show off. Important! Remember to not put it in the fridge, as the fondant could spoil.

You can also serve two-tone sandwiches with white and wholegrain bread, donut-shaped biscuits (they look like wheels!), sweets and snacks.

Cut out and personalise the printables (if you can print them on card, even better).

The design of the printables can serve as inspiration for the rest of the decorations.

    • Labels for the party snacks.
    • Little boxes for sweets and other snacks.
    • A3 poster with the name of the birthday boy or girl to hang up or put on the table.
    • Labels for the straws and glasses where each guest can write their name.
    • Bunting: put one letter of their name on each bunting. We used hot glue to stick the bunting to the rope but you can also use double-sided tape.

DIY decorations

We used several wooden boxes to decorate the table; if you have any around the house you could paint them in bright colours.

The day of the party

Make the food.

You can make the cake the morning of the party or the day before so you won’t have to rush. It depends what works best for you.

In the afternoon you can make the sandwiches with crustless white and wholegrain bread, cutting them into four pieces and arranging them in alternating colours.

Wheel-shaped biscuits also look good. And don’t forget to put the snacks and sweets into the little boxes you cut out.

Party decorations

For this party we suggest a brightly-coloured tablecloth with a print to match the party theme. Hang the bunting behind the table and the A3 sign somewhere where it is visible. You can also put out some skateboards and helmets.

A fun idea: place different sized wooden boxes to make a miniature skate park, making ramps out of EVA foam. And how could we not add some mini skateboard toys like X-treme Skate?

Finally, take out the snacks and arrange them with their labels. If there are any empty spaces you can also put out some Rubik’s cubes, they look great!

Games and activities

    • SKATEBOARD KEYRINGS. Use some X-treme Skate toys and pipe cleaners to create fun and original key rings to hang from your backpack, carry your house keys…
    • THE FOX (on a skateboard or skates): Each guest uses a scarf to make themselves a fox tail. They’ll have 1 minute to collect as many tails as possible. When they get a tail they have to wear it too. This game improves their speed, braking ability and getaway skills on skates.
    • THE SCARF (on a skateboard or skates): Divide the guests into two teams and assign each team member a number between 1 and 4 (because in this case there were 4 on each team). An adult stands in the centre holding a scarf and says a number at random; whoever has been assigned that number has to skate forward and take the scarf and reach the opposite side before the other team does. It improves their attention and speed to take the scarf and finish first.