Fondant cakes

Desserts decorated with fondant are very fashionable, especially cakes. They're just so cool, like little delicious works of art!

Fresh and easy recipes for summer

Even though we worry about our children’s diet all year, we do so especially in summer. In summer children’s diet can change, as the heat usually affects their appetite. What's more, we should remember that physical activity increases during holidays and their hourly routines may be impacted.

Cocktails for children’s parties

School’s started and so birthday season has begun. So in today's post we want to suggest some fresh and original ideas for parties.

Snake sandwich

A snake, made from sandwiches! You’ll have a blast in the kitchen and then later at snack time.

Ladybird sandwiches

Ladybird-shaped sandwiches for a delicious and fun snack.

Decorated cake pops

We explain how to easily make cake pops covered in white chocolate.