Welcome to our blog

Hello everyone! To those of you who don't know us and those of you who have passed through the little door more than a few times, and we know there are loads of you :)

We have launched this new space to share loads of cool things with you so you can enjoy playing with your children. We hope it inspires you and that you also share your ideas, opinions and anything you think could inspire other parents like you.

Why this blog? You’re asking… It’s true, everything must have a reason and our blog is no different. Raise your hand if you’ve never ever seen your kids with a tablet or a mobile in their hands. I’m sure there are some of you, but we can safely say that it’s normal to see more and more kids addicted to these devices. It’s true that the technological advancements in recent years have changed our lives considerable (parents’ lives too) and this affects how we play with our kids. But parents are growing increasingly concerned about whether or not it’s a good thing to have this be such a frequent source of entertainment for our children. And it’s like they’re in a trance every time they pick up a tablet or phone! They don’t hear us, they don’t listen, they don’t talk to anyone… They’re completely isolated! That is why Imaginarium wants to make a stand for more physical, sensory and experience-based play. The kind of play that is entertaining, but has added value for children. So they know how to make the most of technology, but also learn and know how to enjoy it.

But wait, we’re not saying kids should play like they did before, but that they should enjoy games that encourage them to discover secret places and gaze at the stars. Games that make them climb, jump, run, get dirty, laugh with their friends until their sides ache… Games that make them grow. Games that make them use their imagination.

And that is exactly what we’re after with our blog, to create a place where parents can find games, tips, trends, crafts, ideas for special moments and that is full of positive experiences to share with your children. So they can unplug for a bit and go back to feeling, touching, smelling, seeing … enjoying an incredible world full of sensations. Will you join us?


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