Emily and her wheelchair

“Mummy, why is this doll sitting in this chair?” My 4 year old asked me this holding Emily in his hand. I stared at him, surprised that I still had never taken the time to teach him that there are people who can’t walk, and others who can’t talk or who are simply not the same as him.

I decided that it was time for him to start understanding that life sometimes has different plans for us.

“Emily is in a wheelchair because she can’t walk. She’ll have had an accident and lost use of her legs, or maybe she was born that way. Just like you wear glasses because you can’t see without them, she can’t get around without her wheelchair” I told him.

He thought for a moment and said: “It’s OK mummy.” Everything’s OK to him because at his young age he doesn’t make a big deal out of things and can always find a solution. “I’m sure her friends can push her in her wheelchair to the park. Shall we buy her?”

And just like that he understood that everyone is different and there’s always something we can do to help others. And I realised that when we are young we accept difference much better than when we’re older, and that our children have so much we can learn.

Posted by Mummy Imaginarium