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Games for babies aged 4 to 6 months

Babies’ eyes are developed enough to see colour around four months old. That is why children start to show a great interest in objects, opening up a whole new world of exploration. Their hands are more precise and become their investigatory tools, as they learn to identify objects by handling them. They start to play more and more with their hands. Babies understand and differentiate objects by playing with their hands. They also start to last longer on their tummies. Keeping placing them this way to encourage them to roll over by themselves and start moving around. Seeing, touching, and feeling boosts the sensorimotor intelligence that is so important for them at this stage.

Games for babies aged 0 to 3 months

At this age games are aimed at stimulating their senses, helping them discover the world around them and showing them that mummy and daddy love them like crazy. You can invent infinite numbers of games to make your child laugh. We can suggest a few. Remember that baby’s attention span at this age is just a few seconds, so you will have to change the game several times.

Grandparents and grandchildren: a magical relationship

How lucky are kids who are looked after by their grandparents! OK, it’s true that we usually turn to grandparents when the parents can’t be there, but we should also remember that ultimately both grandparents and grandchildren benefit, and they develop such a beautiful relationship… For children, grandparents become one of their best play mates, even when they are tired, and it’s well known how much grandparents love to spoil them.