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Legal Bases Christmas Letter Contest

1.-ORGANIZER AND OBJECT OF THE CONTEST Imaginarium S.A (hereinafter, “IMAGINARIUM”) will hold a contest called the Christmas Letter Contest (hereinafter, the CONTEST). 2.- TERRITORIAL SCOPE AND APPLICATION OF THE PROMOTION The CONTEST will be carried out for users residing in countries where the brand is present. 3.- TEMPORARY SCOPE The period of participation in the […]

Welcome to our blog

Hello everyone! To those of you who don’t know us and those of you who have passed through the little door more than a few times, and we know there are loads of you 🙂

A perfect room for baby

When you find out you’re going to be a parent, one of the most exciting things is thinking about getting the nursery ready. What decorations you’ll put on the walls, the lamp, the chair for nursing or giving bottles, the cot… You can just imagine it already!

Tips for having happier kids

What’s the secret for happier kids? The first thing that may come to mind is to give them everything they want, but the only thing that really gets you is momentary happiness rather than deep happiness, which is only achieved through teaching and affection. Children are a true reflection of their parents, which is why it is fundamental for our behaviour to set an example that our children can follow starting day one. It is essential to work on all these areas for the first 6 years of life to create a blueprint for their future behaviour and values.

Your baby’s crawling already?

The wonderful moment when your child wants to start crawling has arrived. It’s that revolutionary moment when we begin to lose control of them and madness takes over the house. But they’re so funny, and quick! And did you know it’s wonderful for their future development? We’re sure you do, but just in case, remember that crawling makes it easer for your child to learn to read and write and develop laterality.

Connecting to the real fun! 5 keys

You’re sure to be tired of asking your kids to stop playing that video game or turn off that cartoon. Having to repeat themselves so many times a day becomes one of parents’ biggest headaches. Managing our kids’ leisure time has always been a great challenge, but now we have the added difficulty of being immersed in a digital world.

Toys that encourage sportsmanship

Playing sport regularly instils many values in our children as they grow up, through good practices and positive examples. One of the primary values that they learn from the very first day is sportsmanship.