Gifts for under €10? Yes, it’s possible!

Birthdays, family commitments, visiting our friends... These unexpected events when we suddenly need a gift can come up at any time, and let’s face it, if there are kids involved they usually become the focus of this gift-giving.

With holidays expenses building up and your mind focused on back to school with the books, the school material, new clothes from head to toe… It’s no wonder you’re looking for the perfect little gift that’s easy on the wallet. That’s why Imaginarium has a perfect wishlist of toys for under 10 euros. Pay attention!

Ideas para regalar baratas
Ideas para regalar niños barato
  • For little babies what better gift than our beloved Pakonico or a rotating rattle designed for them to practice their movements by passing it from one hand to the other. We also must not forget classics like wooden puzzles which teach kids about shapes, figures and numbers.
  • Two toys that never go out of style and that come at a good price are petanque and yo-yos. They are two classics that children love as soon as they try them.
  • A book or CD are two gifts that are always appreciated. You could try a cupcake cookbook with very healthy and nutritious recipes or the CD of Imaginarium music.

What did you think of our ideas? They’re certain to be successful, and affordable 😉