Today we have five Easter crafts to do with kids.

With our tutorials you’ll see how to do them step by step – they’re easy! The perfect plan for a fun time now that the holidays are near.

Additionally, at Imaginarium, with purchases over €20 you can get a ton of Art&Picks to do crafts for just €1.50 per bag (pompoms, stickers, felt, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, ice lolly sticks, decorative tape, etc.).


We’ll explain how to decorate an Easter basket step by step. We’ve used a white one. To start, we’ll make a little chick out of coloured felt (yellow and orange are a must). In the video you can see how to make it piece by piece.

Stick the chick to the basket with hot glue or any other type of strong glue. We’ll make the chick’s feet with two yellow pompoms.

Now we just need to fill it with sweets!


Painting eggs is a classic. We’ve made some rabbit-shaped eggs, aren’t they cute?

First paint the cooked eggs the colour you want.

We’ll make the feet out of a pipe cleaner in the same colour and we’ll glue them to a piece of cardboard that will be the base.

Glue the egg to the feet. Then, use a pink pipe cleaner and one in the colour of the egg to make the rabbit’s ears and hot glue them on.

Glue an ice lolly stick to the back of the egg, resting on the cardboard base. And glue a wooden clip to the top.

Now comes the most creative part: painting the rabbit’s face! To do so, we’ll use the fun googly eyes from our Art&Pick and paint for the nose and teeth. And don’t forget the pompom tail.

Now we just have to write a little message and put it in the clip.


The first step for our garland is to cut out a bunch of eggs from coloured card stock.

Cover the ring with decorative tape. Glue the cut-out eggs around the ring, overlapping them.

Decorate with stickers and pompoms.

And to finish, glue on a loop for hanging our Easter garland wherever we want.


We’re going to make Easter eggs for holding sweets, so they have to be at least 15 cm tall.

Cut out an egg shape on coloured felt. We’ll need to cut out twice the number of eggs we want to end up with. If we’re going to make one egg, we should cut out two, since one will be used to make a pocket.

With the second egg, we’ll make a pocket, cutting it in half in a zigzag pattern, as if the egg were cracking open. We’ll decorate this pocket with Art&Picks and sew it on the egg.

We’ll finish our egg by personalising it with more stickers. Decorate the packages of the sweets we’re going to put in them, and that’s it! Our Easter egg is ready!


Finally, we have another version of an Easter basket. If you don’t have any baskets on hand, you can make one with a glass jar that you have around the house.

To start, cut out the outline of a rabbit. Stick it to the glass container with glue or another type of gentle adhesive so that you can later remove the rabbit, which we’re just using as a stencil.

Paint the container with spray paint and remove the rabbit, so that you can see through the rabbit outline but the rest of the container is coloured.

Cover the edge with decorative tape. Make a handle out of a piece of felt and decorate it with pompoms and stickers.

And now comes the best part: filling it with our favourite sweets! Isn’t this Easter basket made out of a glass jar cool?

What did you think of these Easter crafts?

Will you try them out with your kids?