Two weeks prior

Choose the date and the location.

Mid-afternoon is a good time for everyone. As you can probably imagine, this party is perfect to have at the pool, beach, or in the garden. However, with a little bit of imagination you can transform any space into a Hawaiian paradise for one afternoon 😉

Send the invitations.

When you have determined the guest list, personalise and send the surfing invitations, to match the rest of the printables (bunting, little boxes, labels, etc.) (download).


A piñata is always a big hit. In this tutorial you’ll see how to make one in a bee shape, but you can make it in any shape you want. A surfboard would look great!

One or two days prior

What to serve?

Make a list of what you’re going to make for snacks so you’ll have everything ready for the day of the party. Sandwiches, biscuits and sweets are sure to be a hit 🙂 And let’s not forget about blowing out the candles; we suggest making a cool beach cake. It’s very easy. We made a simple apple cake and decorated it in 10 minutes (watch tutorial).

Cut out and personalise the printables (if you can print them on card, even better).

The design of the printables can serve as inspiration for the rest of the decorations.

    • Labels for the party snacks.
    • Little boxes for sweets and other snacks.
    • A3 poster with the name of the birthday boy or girl to hang up or put on the table.
    • Labels for the straws and glasses where each guest can write their name.
    • Bunting: put one letter of their name on each bunting. You can stick them to the rope using double-sided tape or hot glue, or make two holes in the top of each bunting to string the rope through.

DIY decorations

One idea that’s popular these days is to set up a photocall. You just have to set aside an area near the snack table and decorate it with everything that reminds you of surfing and Hawaii. Your friends will surely be able to lend you more things than you could imagine. And a very simple craft that looks great is to make the typical signs pointing to the bar, the beach, or with words like “Aloha”.

The day of the party

Make the food.

The cake is very easy, so you can make it the day of the party. Then you’ll just have to prepare some sandwiches and serve the sweets in the little boxes you cut out.

Party decorations

With a little imagination you can transform a classic snack table into a real tiki-bar: flowers, grass fringe, lanterns, cocktail umbrellas, some surfboards… What else comes to mind?

When the guests arrive

The first thing to do is dress up your guests. To get them in the right frame of mind you’ll need some flower necklaces. We can also give them matching bracelets and crowns. You can never have enough flowers!

For the finishing touch, get some sunglasses in bright colours, grass skirts or even floral swimsuits.