• Stiff cardboard
  • crepe paper (in this case black, yellow and white)
  • black card stock
  • string
  • cutter
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue


We start by drawing the shape we want (in this case, a bee) on the cardboard and then we cut it out. Using this figure as a guide, we draw another and cut it out.

We cut the card stock into a 20 cm wide strip On the sides, we cut fringes of about 5 cm.

This strip of card stock will allow us to join the two bee figures, folding the fringes and glueing them to the cardboard. If the glue isn?t enough, you can use masking tape; once you?ve decorated the piñata, you won?t be able to see it. There must be a gap not covered with card stock where sweets can be inserted once the piñata is finished. In our example, there?s a gap at the bee sting, but depending on the shape of your piñata it could also be at the top.

Next, we cut a hole at the bottom where the sweets or small prizes will fall out.

We cut out a piece of crepe paper big enough to cover the hole. We make small holes and insert pieces of string, tying the ends that will go inside the piñata. We glue it covering the hole.

We take strips of crepe paper and cut them into fringes. We glue them onto the bee starting at the bottom and moving upwards, overlaying each strip on the previous one.

Once the entire piñata is covered with fringes, we cut the eyes, the mouth and the antennae out of card stock and glue them to the bee.

To finish it off, we attach a piece of string to the top that will be used for hanging.