Emily and her wheelchair

“Mummy, why is this doll sitting in this chair?” My 4 year old asked me this holding Emily in his hand. I stared at him, surprised that I still had never taken the time to teach him that there are people who can’t walk, and others who can’t talk or who are simply not the same as him.

Gifts for under €10? Yes, it’s possible!

Birthdays, family commitments, visiting our friends... These unexpected events when we suddenly need a gift can come up at any time, and let’s face it, if there are kids involved they usually become the focus of this gift-giving.

Gifts that leave a lasting impression

Baby's first months are so special -and they go by so quick!- that all parents want something to remember those first moments of their life. That's why My First Baby Imprint is a gift that parents will love for their newborns. Not only can they enjoy the wonderful photo but they can also remember their baby’s little hand or foot, and even make their own print alongside it.