Group games? Shared fun!

All children should learn to play on teams from a very young age, as it will help them learn different values like solidarity, friendship, respect, tolerance, joint effort... Values that they will assimilate little by little to become great people and that Imaginarium strives to convey.

But, in addition to all that, children will realise that fun is shared when playing as a team and they’ll have friends to laugh, shout and enjoy with. The absolute best part about group games is that the kids have a great time. What’s more, when they play with other kids they discover that there are rules that must be followed if they want to have play mates.bicycle

To make sure your child enjoys group games it is very important that you start teaching them things like how they have to share, be generous and communicate. They learn more playing on a team than playing alone. Sometimes children have issues adapting to team games, but don’t worry parents, it’s completely normal. Going from being the king to having many kings at once takes some getting used to at first, right?

Children will feel very comfortable in an atmosphere that is harmonious, cheerful, respectful, supportive and cooperative, in which they can learn about healthy competition without the concept of winners and losers, and they will begin to reap all the benefits of playing with other children. So while playing they learn to enjoy themselves with others, and to coexist with other people who aren’t in their immediate circle, and ultimately to socialise and behave.