Fondant cakes

Desserts decorated with fondant are very fashionable, especially cakes. They're just so cool, like little delicious works of art!

If you want to amaze your guests at your child’s next birthday party with a fondant cake, here are two super cool ideas: an explorer cake and a skater cake.

But first and foremost, many of you are probably asking: What is fondant? It’s a sugar icing that looks like modelling clay and is malleable so you can easily make it into whatever shape you want. You can stick pieces together using a bit of water.

Desserts with fondant should not be put in the fridge, so the inside is made from several layers of sponge cake filled with ganache (in the videos you’ll see how to make it) instead of cream or anything else that needs to be refrigerated. Once the inside of the cake is finished you cover it entirely with a layer of ganache to smooth out the surface, and then cover it with a layer of fondant. And then you get to decorate it with all kinds of little figures!

Making this cake takes a bit of work, but it will be less expensive than the ones sold in stores (which aren’t cheap) and you’ll have quite a fun time. You can plan to make the sponge cakes one day and the rest the following day, for instance, and it won’t seem like as much work. In our tutorials you’ll see how simple they are.