Your baby’s crawling already?

The wonderful moment when your child wants to start crawling has arrived. It’s that revolutionary moment when we begin to lose control of them and madness takes over the house. But they're so funny, and quick! And did you know it's wonderful for their future development? We’re sure you do, but just in case, remember that crawling makes it easer for your child to learn to read and write and develop laterality.

But that’s not all, here are quite a few things crawling will do for your little pudgeball:

  • Develop the cross pattern. This enables orderly body movement and balance. The proper way is for baby to move their right leg while reaching their left arm forward, and vice versa. So later they will synchronise the right arm with the left foot, and vice versa.
  • Improve tactile functions. When they start crawling they will begin to encounter new textures and sensations in the palm of their hand. This experience benefits their motor functions and will improve their writing when they get older! Make sure your baby rests all their weight on their hands to understand gravity and learn how to control it.
  • Encourage hand-eye and hand-foot coordination. In order for them to walk well in a few months they will need to have good coordination between their feet and their vision. This is also important when they start to read, because they will learn the distance between their eyes and an object.
  • Tone and strengthen their bones and muscles. This will help them keep their spine straight when getting ready to stand up and walk.
  • Increase their independence, orientation and decision-making abilities.
  • Help them get to know their surroundings. So they will not bump into objects around the house or in parks.

let’s crawl

Some tricks to encourage crawling

  • Use activity mats and floor gyms to stimulate movement before they start crawling.
  • Use some of their favourite toys with lights and sounds a short distance away from them and they will be motivated to reach for it. Remember to make sure they maintain the correct crawling position.
  • Obstacle course. Have fun by creating a path with some items that make it a bit difficult for them to get through, like cushions, blankets, an adult’s legs that they have to pass under…
  • Tag. Go back to your childhood and get ready for the famous chase around the house.
  • Wear something comfortable and show them how to crawl. You’ll have lots of fun together, you’ll see.

Do you have any other tricks to motivate your baby to crawl?