Fondant cakes

Desserts decorated with fondant are very fashionable, especially cakes. They're just so cool, like little delicious works of art!


Treasure chest cake

Today we bring you a treasure chest cake that is so cute you won’t want to cut into it, but that your little pirates will just love to plunder ;)

Fun beach cake

If the birthday boy or girl loves the beach this easy cake will be a sure hit. We suggest a simple apple cake with no filling, but you can make any other cake you prefer in the same shape and decorate it the same way :)

Race track cake

You'll see how quick and easy this cake is. You can make it with your kids and have a fun time together. First cover the long sponge cake with chocolate cream (you can melt it a bit in the microwave to make it easier to spread). And then it’s time to decorate! Green sour belts as grass, wheel-shaped biscuits, white sweets for the lines on the road, etc. We put the Comic-cars race track around the edge.