Two weeks prior

Choose the date and the location.

Once you know the date and time of the party (which doesn’t have to be on their exact birthday), figure out where you’re going to have it. We recommend a place with enough room for your pirates to swashbuckle about as they wish.

Send the invitations.

When you have determined the guest list, personalise and send the invitations, to match the rest of the pirate printables (bunting, little boxes, labels, etc.) (download).


In this tutorial you’ll see how to make one in a bee shape, but you can make it in any shape you want. A pirate’s flag would look great!

One or two days prior


What to serve?

For this party we suggest a delicious treasure chest cake. You can easily prepare it the day before the party. We also made some jelly shots with little pirate ships. You just have to figure out what else to make for snacks: we recommend loads of chocolate coins.

Cut out and personalise the printables (if you can print them on card, even better).

The design of the printables can serve as inspiration for the rest of the decorations.

    • Invitations
    • Boat sails for the jelly shots.
    • Labels for the party snacks.
    • Little boxes for sweets and other snacks.
    • Labels for the straws and glasses where each guest can write their name.
    • Pirate flag to top the mast.
    • Bunting: put one letter of their name on each bunting. You can stick them to the rope using double-sided tape or hot glue, or make two holes in the top of each bunting to string the rope through.

DIY decorations

As an original touch for this party we made the snack table into a real pirate ship. We just made a simple mast and sail. First build a structure with rods and some rope. And then hang the sail however you want. We used black fabric, bunting and the pirate flag from our printables (download it here).

The day of the party

chupitos de gelatina para una fiesta pirata

Make the food.

With our pirate cake, the jelly shots and a good amount of chocolate coins you’ll have the table ready to go. But you can prepare anything else you can think of for the little pirates to snack on.

Party decorations To begin we used a sackcloth tablecloth and added our own sail to the table. We used a colour palette of black, red, white, green and brown. To decorate the party you could gather up some items that go with the theme: a wooden pirate figure, chests, skulls, barrels, old maps, palm leaves…

When the guests arrive

The first thing to do when guests arrive is to get them dressed up for the occasion: you can use pirate fancy dress or just some accessories like swords, eye patches or scarves around their heads.

Now you’re ready to look for treasures and shout your heads off to pirates songs 😀