She downloads patterns or exchanges them with her friends and our sewing machine is perfect making all those things she loves so much.

Here we made a crown for her birthday party. It’s super easy.

Take a strip of fabric the approximate length of your crown and fold it in half, pin the pattern to it (the pattern is for a half crown), and cut out the design on the folded fabric. When you unfold the fabric you’ll have the full crown.

Then repeat with another strip of fabric, as you’ll need two crowns that’ll be sewn together and then stuffed.


Sew the two pieces along their edges, leaving a small gap at the top for stuffing it. Sew strips on the ends which will be used to tie on the crown; you can use some cloth or ribbon or whatever else you’d like.

Then fill the inside with cotton and sew up the opening. Voila! You have a beautiful crown for the birthday party or to put wherever you want.

Another thing that kids love to do is make little outfits for their dolls. Your kids will have it super easy with the Couture Design sewing case because it comes with patterns and everything they need.

Posted by Dad Imaginarium

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