Fresh and easy recipes for summer

Even though we worry about our children’s diet all year, we do so especially in summer. In summer children’s diet can change, as the heat usually affects their appetite. What's more, we should remember that physical activity increases during holidays and their hourly routines may be impacted.

At Imaginarium we are quite concerned about children eating properly in summer, so we’re going to help you with five fresh and easy recipes that will delight even the pickiest eaters:

    • We’ll start with a classic that’s a sure hit and that all kids love: pasta salad. What is it about pasta that they love so much? Now, the summer version: fresh and with all their favourite ingredients so they won’t be able to resist. At Imaginarium we are big fans of this recipe: tricolour pasta, olives, cubes of ham and cheese, boiled egg and mustard sauce with yogurt. Finger-licking good!
    • This recipe will be a go-to for many dinners: salmon and pineapple sandwich. Original, fresh and very quick to make. You’ll need boiled egg, smoked salmon, pineapple slices, and perhaps some thin slices of courgette and pickles.
    • Now for one of the most typical Spanish summer recipes: gazpacho. But because at Imaginarium we’re all about innovation, we’re suggesting giving watermelon gazpacho a try. Believe me, your kids will love it (we already tested it on ours to great success). You’ll just need 500 g watermelon, 500 g tomato, one garlic clove, vinegar, salt and olive oil. Blend it to the texture of your liking and chill.
    • Avocado, the “it” food, with prawns and salmon make a perfect salad for lunch or dinner. The dish is very nutritious and flavourful with different textures, as well as being complete and balanced.
    • Finally we present a cheese and vegetable pie which is sure to amaze you. Its smooth and spongy texture makes it a perfect way to get kids to eat vegetables, and you can put whatever you want in it! It also tastes great cold. While cooking the vegetables, blend together 3 eggs, 200 g cream cheese, 500 ml cream and 200 g flour. Once blended, add the vegetables. Bake it in the oven for 40 minutes and…voila!

Bon appetite! 🙂