Games for babies aged 7 to 9 months

From the age of six months all their efforts go into moving around with increasing independence. They are not able to walk yet but they will learn to sit up on their own and will start to pull themselves along and even crawl to get to an object. The world is much bigger than baby has seen up to now and they want to explore it with endless curiosity. Curiosity is the foundation of intelligence. At this stage, your baby will surprise you every day with everything they can do, as they begin to solve small problems that they face in their daily life, and will begin to understand how things work. They will start having their first "conversations", babbling and even beginning to make gestures to communicate with you.


What do you need? A sturdy toy that makes a noise when you shake it, like Babymusic Maracas.

Show baby the maracas and how to hold them and shake them to make noise. They will take them and imitate your movement. They will also throw them down hard to see what noise they make when they hit the ground. Let them discover how they can use objects to make noise. At this age it’s natural for them to throw objects then follow them with their eyes or try to find them. So give them durable high-quality objects that will withstand hours of play.

Juego para bebés de 7 a 9 meses


What do you need? A towel, a blanket or anything that you can hide behind and easily reappear from.

During this stage, babies love to play peekaboo, so place yourself in front of your baby and take something like one of their little blankets. Hide your face behind it and say “peeka”, and when you reappear respond by saying “boo!”. Baby will be in fits of laughter when they see you reappear from behind the blanket. Then try the opposite with baby hiding. Place a scarf over their face so that with a touch it falls away and ask: “Where’s Ivan?, I can’t see him anywhere, but I know he must be around here somewhere…” and watch him reveal himself with a big smile on his face. Celebrate this big achievement with a big hug. There’s no better recipe for learning than love and fun together. Kids only learn through having fun.

Arco de actividades con figuritas para bebé


What do you need? A toy that baby can crawl through such as Top Gym Arc Bbfitness

Place the tunnel on a flat surface with baby at the entrance to the tunnel and you at the other end. Call them by their name and encourage them to come towards you, in a playful way: “Come on Luis, mummy’s waiting to give you a big hug”. You can also encourage them to come by showing them some of their favourite toys so they’ll try to get hold of them. Babies love to investigate and crawl through tunnels to find mum or dad. Babies need to know how to crawl or at least pull themselves along to use this toy.


What do you need? A toy that has buttons to press like Music-pad Farm.

Sit down with your baby and switch the toy on. Press one of the animals to make its noise while baby watches. Encourage them to give it a go. If they press the dog, say: “the dog goes woof, woof”. Try all the different animals and you’ll notice how your baby will start to point with their finger and press the buttons to hear the sounds. This is yet another way they discover that their actions have consequences.

Libro para la bañera


What do you need? Any easy-to-handle soft waterproof book with bright contrasting colours, like Glu-Glu Ocean book.

At bath time, put a waterproof book in the bath tub and let baby flip through the pages. On each page name the animal that appears, make their noise and explain a bit: “this is the lamb. It goes baaaah and it has white fleece that’s curly on the face”. And carry on like this, describing all the little animals you find until you come to the picture of the cow and celebrate your joint achievement. Babies love this game because it creates a fun dialogue between parent and child.