A perfect room for baby

When you find out you’re going to be a parent, one of the most exciting things is thinking about getting the nursery ready. What decorations you’ll put on the walls, the lamp, the chair for nursing or giving bottles, the cot... You can just imagine it already!

Babies are so sweet that we want their room to be just like them, and it’s also important to be comfortable, relaxing and, of course, adorable.

You may have imagined how their perfect room would look, or perhaps you don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry, we’re going to give you some of our best tips. Because with a couple key points it’ll be a breeze and you’ll have it ready in just a few days!

  • Choose a soft colour palette. This will have the biggest impact on your space and if you do it right it can give the room a feeling of spaciousness. The softer the colours the better. This helps convey the peacefulness they need. But not everything will be in these colours; you can add some brighter accessories to break it up and create an atmosphere that is fun as well. Give it your personal touch of creativity!
  • Lighting is essential. The light should be warm and not white, because it is better for rest. It’s also better to put several light fixtures to create more warmth. A great idea to help kids feel safer at bedtime, and to add a real touch of originality, is little fluorescent star stickers for the ceiling.
  • Furniture that is comfortable and adapted to their age. It’s best to choose multi-functional pieces to give them as much space as possible to play, run about, put up tents, draw, etc. Don’t forget organisational pieces so that their toys and personal belongings are always in their place. Another great idea is flexible furniture that adapts as the child gets bigger, so you can save while they grow!