Today we have five Easter crafts to do with kids.


Cloud cushion

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, sewing is in fashion and a great way to have fun. The best part is being able to make cool projects with your sewing machine. Today we’re bringing you a tutorial on how to make an adorable cloud cushion. If you choose a unique fabric it could be a perfect gift. Though maybe your little one will want to keep it, so perhaps it’d be better to make two ;)

Who ever said sewing is old fashioned? DIY crown

Who ever said sewing is old fashioned? Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s a hobby that is coming back in style that both boys and girls like to do. My daughter has always been fascinated by it and we sometimes do it together. I help her with the little decorations she makes for her room.

Crafts with clothes pegs

We can spend a super entertaining afternoon with just wooden clothes pegs, card and paint. In this tutorial we have a couple of ideas for you: make your own sun or make a doll photo holder.

Gifts that leave a lasting impression

Baby's first months are so special -and they go by so quick!- that all parents want something to remember those first moments of their life. That's why My First Baby Imprint is a gift that parents will love for their newborns. Not only can they enjoy the wonderful photo but they can also remember their baby’s little hand or foot, and even make their own print alongside it.

Cardboard and crepe paper piñata

In this tutorial we show you how to make a piñata with cardboard and crepe paper. Ours is a bee but you can choose the shape and colours you prefer.

Balloon arch

Give it a go and make your own balloon arch. It takes a bit of time but it's easy, inexpensive and the results are spectacular.

Game with recycled cans

Make your own basket-scoring game with some recycled cans. It’s a perfect game for any party!

Superhero lollies

Personalise a lolly to make it look like a superhero.

Personalise a wicker basket

Personalise your wicker basket, it looks so cool! You can use it to carry things or as decoration.

Wool pompoms

In this video you will see how quick and easy it is to make wool pompoms. And they are so cute!