Two weeks prior

Choose the date and the location.

The best time is usually in the afternoon, so you can prepare a snack for your guests. You can have this party at home, setting aside enough space to eat and play.

Make the guest list and send the invitations.

Let the superheroes know ahead of time, as they tend to be very busy saving the world. Print, personalise and send the invitations, to match the rest of the printables (bunting, little boxes, labels, etc.) (download).


A piñata is a must at children’s birthday parties. We encourage you to make one out of cardboard. In this tutorial you’ll see how to make one in a bee shape, but you can make it in any shape you want.

One or two days prior

What to serve?

It is important to decide ahead of time what you’re going to serve for guests to recharge their superpowers. We suggest an easy “cake” made from biscuits and other sweets that the birthday boy or girl love (watch tutorial). You can also make some sandwiches and put out sweets in the party colours.

Cut out and personalise the printables (if you can print them on card, even better).

The design of the printables can serve as inspiration for the rest of the decorations.

    • Labels for the party snacks.
    • Little boxes for sweets and other snacks.
    • A3 poster with the name of the birthday boy or girl to hang up or put on the table.
    • Labels for the straws and glasses where each guest can write their name.
    • Bunting: put one letter of their name on each bunting. You can stick the bunting to the rope using double-sided tape or hot glue, or make two holes in the top of each bunting to string the rope through.

DIY decorations

A cool idea is to dress up some lollies as superheroes. Make a cape with a piece of red ribbon: gather it at one end and burn it a bit with a match, then press the burnt part together immediately so that you end up with a triangular cape shape. Then you can tie the cape to a lolly by gluing a piece of string to the gathered end with hot glue (or another strong glue). Finally, draw on a mask with a permanent marker. Another option is to make the cape out of poster board.

The day of the party

Make the food.

The cake is super easy and won’t take long to make. Serve sweet and savoury sandwiches and put the sweets in the party colours into the little boxes you cut out.

Party decorations

To decorate the party imagine you are in a superhero comic: a large city, at night, and the world is in peril! The colour palette will be: black, red, blue, green and yellow. You’ll need EVA foam with and without glitter, and normal and shiny (mirrored) poster board… and let’s get to work!

To start the table we suggest a dark-coloured tablecloth and arranging some star-like figures in different colours of poster board (like the sound effects in the comics).

We put a starry backdrop on the wall behind the table but you can also use a plain one. Then make the city skyline out of black glitter EVA foam. Cut out building shapes in different heights and stick on windows made from mirrored poster board. When the buildings are finished stick them to the wall with regular or double-sided tape.

Put the skyline cake in one corner, so as not to block the buildings on the wall. You can put it on a box to elevate it.

Games and activities

The first thing to do is dress up the guests so they leave behind their false identity and become who they truly are: superheroes!

Use a pallet or wooden board and three large cans to organise a making-baskets game. First you have to paint the pallet and cans black. Then stick the cans to the pallet and put an EVA foam star on each can in different colours to indicate the points that it’s worth. Let’s see which superhero gets the most points!