Two weeks prior


Choose the date and the location.

Normally they are held three or four months before the due date, but that is just a suggestion. The best time to have it is when the mum is feeling good, isn’t too big yet and can enjoy the party like everyone else.

The location should be somewhere comfortable. It can be somebody’s home or an event space, that’s up to you, but it’s important there is enough room for everybody. And the time? Afternoons or late breakfasts are both good options.

Make the guest list and send the invitations.

Invite your guests sufficiently in advance. Everybody’s soooo busy these days and we want to make sure it’s well attended. So print, personalise and mail the KicoNico invitations, in pink or blue, to match the rest of the printables. You can download them here.

One or two days prior

What to serve?

Make a list of what you’ll need to amaze your guests with the party snacks. Since it's a KicoNico party, why not a KicoNico cake? You can see how to make it step-by-step here: (watch tutorial). It's very easy!

How about some cake pops? They look so cute and best of all they are delicious and surprisingly easy to make. In this video you can see how to make them in a few simple steps without having to be a master chef. 😉

And more ideas: white chocolate biscuits (they look great with the pastel colour palette), rice cakes coated in (again) white chocolate, finger sandwiches and sweets in the party colours. It’ll all be amazing!


Cut out and personalise the printables (if you can print them on card, even better).

The design of the printables can serve as inspiration for the rest of the decorations.

  • Labels for the party snacks.
  • Little boxes for sweets and other snacks.
  • A3 poster with the baby’s name to hang up or put on the table on an easel.
  • Labels for the straws and glasses where each guest can write their name.
  • Bunting: you can personalise the bunting with the baby’s name. So put one letter of their name on each bunting piece. If you intersperse them with wool tassels it looks great. They are super easy, and we’ll tell you how to make them in no more than a minute. We used hot glue to stick the bunting to the rope but you can also use double-sided tape.

DIY decorations

In addition to all the little things you’re thinking of to decorate the table, like lamps and flowers, we suggest two crafts that you can make at home very easily, but that look like they were made by real professionals: wool pompoms (see tutorial) and a personalised wicker basket. We’ll explain it all here.

And if you have any walls that look empty, you can decorate them with this little trick that looks very cute. Take a piece of rope and hang pieces of tissue paper from it. It's easy and won’t take you more than a few minutes.

The day of the baby shower

Make the food.

You can make the cake and the cake pops the morning of the party, or the day before if you prefer. Whatever works best for you.

Put the white chocolate biscuits on a tray and decorate them with some of the sugar sprinkles you used to decorate the cake pops.


You can also serve rice cakes (for healthier appetites) and finger sandwiches. Here’s an idea! Cut them into the shapes of your choice using a biscuit cutter. And, as a finishing touch, if you have any fondant around the house you can cut it into the same shapes as the rice cakes and cover them with it.

And don’t forget the sweets in the little KicoNico boxes.

Fiesta Baby Shower Imaginarium

Party decorations.

Choose a tablecloth -we used one in pastel tones- and arrange all the decorations on top of it. You can use the baskets you decorated and put some flowers inside, or KicoNico, or anything else you can think of as long as it matches your colour palette. We recommend putting a lamp or some candles on the table, and some balloons for good measure!

Take out all the party snacks and place them on the table with their labels. As a final touch it looks great to put some wool pompoms in the empty spaces around the table. And don't forget the bunting!

Finally, it's important to set up an area where guests can leave their gifts when they arrive, so they can be opened all together later. Now everything’s ready for the party. Time to celebrate!