Grandparents and grandchildren: a magical relationship

How lucky are kids who are looked after by their grandparents! OK, it’s true that we usually turn to grandparents when the parents can’t be there, but we should also remember that ultimately both grandparents and grandchildren benefit, and they develop such a beautiful relationship... For children, grandparents become one of their best play mates, even when they are tired, and it’s well known how much grandparents love to spoil them.

Aren’t grandparents the best? They’re so important for raising children and such a big help for mum and dad! They often are the ones who pick them up from school, take them to the park, help them with their homework and make them a snack. This creates a great mutual understanding and a strong and lasting relationship.

Why are relationships between grandparents and grandchildren so great? Because grandparents don’t have the pressure of bringing up the child and they can be more relaxed with their grandchildren than they were raising their own children, who are now the parents. So kids know they can go to their grandparents when they need some TLC and to play because they always have time to play, read, tell old stories…And the kids give them a good boost of vitality in return.

The arrival of grandchildren is like a breath of fresh air for grandparents and the kids have fun and learn so much with them. As the years go by the relationship changes, just like the parent-children relationship, but grandparents are always there to remember with great fondness the beautiful moments spent together.