It’s almost time. Soon there will be a new baby in the house. Exciting, right? Become part of a growing trend and throw a Baby Shower. What is it? In short, it's a party before the birth at which family and friends can bring gifts for the new baby so that the parents don’t feel too overwhelmed during the first few weeks. Later everyone can go meet the baby with more spaced-out visits, and the parents will have everything the need prior to the birth, which is also helpful for them.

A Baby Shower is party, and like all parties it requires a little planning. Don’t panic! Here are some ideas so that everything will turn out perfect.

We suggest choosing a very sweet theme, which is why we've chosen KicoNico, who will soon be the new baby’s best friend. Depending on the sex you can decorate the party in pink or pastel blue, mixing with white or beige for a very tender colour palette.

Gallery of the party

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